More Coming SoonTM

Why do Akali, Ahri and Sona get moved around on the Champion page?
This Problem should have been fixed.

Why are the images loading slow?
Right now the images are being loaded from riot. Their site isn't the fastest in the world. If i get enough users and traffic I will host them on Amazon S3 and add alot more server power here.

Where is the commenting system?
Current work in progress check out the features page.

Progress Bars for votes whats the scale?
The scale is the highest number of votes any champion has recieved. Reason, numbers are nice and i might include them later but they also alter perception. Lets take Ahri from a rival site. Her counters are LB 1500 votes, Ryze 400 votes, Talon 250 votes and Kass with 250 votes. There arn't any other classical mages on the radar. First up LB isn't 3+ times better then Ryze or Talon in lane i'm sure the win loss percentage of those games are about the same. It also makes it less possible for any other champion to make it up the scale. even if ziggs was "THE BEST" counter. he would never catch up to the historical record that LB has gotten. The answer is as the game evolves and champions get buffed and nerfed it may be fix to alter the scale such that older votes take less percidence then newer ones. Hopefully you will see where this is going. Eventually I will apply filters to narrow down lanes roles whatever. As well as add logic for the adding or revamping of champions