More Coming SoonTM

Random Notes - Slowdowns should have been fixed do to a .each that was calling the database. This is why you need to code when your not sucking Claritin D and Downing Caffeine at the same time.
- If you have specific questions please submit a bug and I will email you back.
Current Features - Current Users have the option to sign up or look at the data on voted counterpicks.
- Each Signed In User has 3 Counter Votes per champion.
- A global counters table has been added showing the top 3 counters thus far for each champion. I will up the number on the table when there is a larger about of votes in the DB.

Future Features - Community streaming resource to get viewers. This will support twitch.tv/justin.tv and more providers subsequently
- Comments will soon be added so you can explain why x counters y or what to do or not to do. This looks like it will evolve into an entire controller grander then a simple comment discussion i'm going to try include the possibility of adding items and other goodness

Icebox (way down the road possible different site)
- Very Cool things more to come
- We will be doing giveaways competitions and much more as we add more content and bolster the site. Please stay tuned.